Biden Says He’d Use Federal Power to Require All Americans to Wear Masks in Public

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Joe Biden would use federal powers to require all Americans to wear masks in public to fight the coronavirus pandemic if he was president. In contrast to President Trump, who has explicitly refused to wear a mask anywhere near the press, Biden has rarely been seen in public without a mask since he restarted campaign and media appearances. In a Thursday interview with KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, the presumptive Democratic nominee said he’d use all powers at his disposal to force Americans to wear masks if he was in office.

“The one thing we do know is these masks make a gigantic difference,” he said. “I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks.” Asked if that meant he’d use executive power to mandate mask-wearing, Biden said: “From an executive standpoint, yes I would… I would do everything possible to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.” Biden also said it was likely he’d accept the Democratic nomination in a near-empty room. Read more at KDKA.



  1. Why only masks? Shouldn’t everyone wear gloves and shoe-coverings so that they shouldn’t mistakenly drag these contagious coronas into their homes? And make the masks for the eyes too like goggles.

  2. “Biden also said it was likely he’d accept the Democratic nomination in a near-empty room”

    So will this senile dummy also conduct his business from his basement? Will he be President from his home basement? The WHITE House connotes racism. It should be changed to the Black House. Biden has an empty brain.

  3. Wearing a mask reduces the oxygen a person breathes in to dangerous levels and it is very unhealthy. I sure hope he doesn’t become president (not for that reason).

    • Only a plastic mask, which seems to be worn by many of the commentators. But only if you cover the nose and mouth at the same time. Hashem yirachem.

  4. Thank G-d more and more judges, who are conservative, are being put in by President Trump. By the time this fumbling fool picks Michelle Obama as his co-President, it will be too late for him to pass any idiotic laws.

  5. If the Dumbrats win, it will be mandatory masks for the slave taxpayers, but no such requirement for the privileged – gubmit employees and Black Lives Matters rioters.

  6. so if the reason for wearing masks is to protect people next to you from getting the coronovirus you are harboring, and blacks arent required to wear a mask, isnt this emphasizing white privilege–the privilege of protection from covid-19?

    • Yes, Biden is an old time racist. He was close buddies with Robert Byrd. How any black can even think of voting for the WHITE racist Biden is beyond me.


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