BIDEN’S AMERICA: As NY Runs Out Of Vaccine White House Says It’ll ‘Look Into’ It

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that New York’s COVID-19 vaccine stockpile was so low it “may already be exhausted” and Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded with President Biden for more shots — but the White House basically told them, “We’ll get back to you.”

And with doses running dry, desperate New Yorkers were left with little to do but wait until an estimated three-day supply begins trickling in on Tuesday.

During an afternoon news conference, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki deflected several questions from The Post about the state’s dire shortage of protection against the deadly coronavirus.

“Well, we’ve asked the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] to look into exactly this issue, and see what can be done,” Psaki said.
“I don’t have any update beyond that, but certainly, we don’t want any states to run out of access to vaccine.”

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  1. The Biden administration is mostly about optics with little know how on getting things really done.
    Trump tried to do both, getting things done and optics. While he was able to get things done, his problem was that his idea of optics was so totally messed up that it made him the optics bad and sometimes interfered with getting things done.


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