Bill And Melinda Gates Officially Divorce

Bloomberg photo by Takaaki Iwabu.
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The divorce between Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates was finalized on Monday, according to court documents first reported by Reuters.

The pair, who founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, announced in early May that they were splitting up after 27 years of marriage. They said at the time that they would continue to work together at the foundation, but concluded that they can no longer “grow together as a couple.”

The details of their divorce agreement have not been made public and, according to Reuters, were not disclosed Monday in the final order filed in King County Superior Court in Seattle.

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  1. Bill has been known for quite some time that he is a selfish narcissistic self aggrandizing pig. The fact that Melinda was married to him for so many years, proves that she is just as immoral.

  2. Some major antitrust enforcement, with billions in penalties and some billionaires going to prison, is way overdue. It’s time to gut the wall street and the silicone valley, and to rebuild it as real capitalism, i.e. a bunch of small companies providing the best product by competing with each other without anyone having control over the market, and as a consequence staying out of politics and staying away from social-engineering projects. Make Bill Gates poor again!

  3. It is wonderful to read the reader comments here as they help formulate for me what my Jewish hashkafa should be. I did not grow up with the background and get lost and these guide me.

  4. However, their divorce was already reported 5 years ago even on Matzav. In truth, they’ve divorced from this world several years before 2016. I believe India took care of it after they were accused of murdering thousands of their citizens with their jibs.


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