Bill De Blasio Faces Criticism For Campaigning In Iowa During New York’s Blackout


New York City mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio was campaigning in Iowa as 72,000 of his city’s residents experienced a massive blackout that left the West Side of Manhattan in the dark Saturday. During and after the blackout, the presidential contender faced criticism from his constituents and fellow politicians for being out of town during a major emergency.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who led the city’s response and outreach efforts in de Blasio’s absence alongside New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, was particularly pointed in his criticism.

“Look, mayors are important and situations like this come up, you know and you have to be on site,” Cuomo said. “I’ve been governor of New York for eight years. In that time I can count the number of times I left the state on my fingers.”

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  1. He was out of state when the blackout occurred. It’s not like he departed New York when Manhattan was in mid-blackout and said “Well, I’m off to Iowa – good luck with the blackout!”
    If you think it’s wrong for mayors, senators, congressmen to spend a large amount of time traveling and campaigning for the Democratic nomination instead of doing the work they were elected to do, that’s a more legit gripe.

  2. I hate Deblasio,but this is just stupid. It’s not like a hurricane or snowstorm that was forecast days in advance. What was he supposed to do? By the time he would have gotten on a plane and got back here the blackout would have been over anyway. And is he supposed to be out there in a manhole splicing wires? All he would have done was be another self-important “leader” pontificating and getting in the way of the professionals trying to do their jobs. Better that he was away.

  3. To be honest, there was no way that the Mayor could of possibly known that there was going to be a blackout. It’s not like this was a planned event. Con Edison are crooks and gangsters so it’s possible they were totally responsible for this.

    • Actually this WAS a planned event by the Deep State who attempted to assassinate Jeffrey Epstein. B”H it failed. The question is whether DeBlasio was involved in their plan.

  4. I’ll say the opposite. DeBlasio; do us all a favor and leave the city as frequently as possible.

    Please focus on your national ambitions and please neglect the city you were elected to run.

  5. there s/b a LAW that you can NOT run for a new official position while you are employed by the “citizens of the United States”. You MUST finish your term in office and then start running for any other campaign.

  6. In a poll last month in Iowa, DeBlasio was no ones choice. He’s trying his luck again and will fail once again. Nobody wants him.


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