Black Dems Want Reparations Vote In June

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Black Democrats are pushing for a vote on a reparations bill in the next two weeks that would launch a study into whether the country owes Black Americans restitution for slavery, The Hill reports.

Citing the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa, Okla., race massacre as the impetus, lawmakers want a commission created on the issue amid the stark racial disparities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. President Joe Biden’s White House has already given its support to a study.

Many congressional Black Caucus members in late May visited the site of the 1921 massacre, where Tulsa’s prosperous African-American community in the district of Greenwood that had the nickname “Black Wall Street” was targeted.

After a Black man was accused of assaulting a white woman, an allegation that was never proven, white rioters gunned down Blacks, looted homes, and set fire to buildings block by block. More than 1,000 buildings were destroyed.

About 300 people were killed and thousands left homeless.

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  1. Joe Biden is a privileged white male democrat. That is unacceptable. The black caucus should demand his resignation.


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