Blair: Time to Break from Previous Peacemaking “Theology” 

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Former British Prime Minister and Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair advocated a wider regional approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the Herzliya Conference on Wednesday, Herb Keinon reports for the Jerusalem Post.

Blair called for a step-by step political process where confidence is built over time.
“This is not the same as so-called ‘interim solutions’…it is rather a recognition that without an organic evolution towards statehood, we are left with an ‘all or nothing’ position which so far has actually resulted not in ‘all’ but in ‘nothing,'” he said.”I can tell you frankly from the conversations and interactions I have with those in the region…that this regional approach is now, virtually by consensus, accepted as the right road to travel,” he said. “There is goodwill, a real sense of shared purpose and an appetite.”
{ Israel News}



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