Bloomberg (Again) Defends Ground Zero Mosque


bloomberg-mosqueIn a rousing address before a predominantly Muslim audience last night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg again reaffirmed his commitment to the controversial Islamic cultural center near the former site of the World Trade Center.Bloomberg, who hosted the annual Ramadan Iftar dinner at his official Gracie Mansion residence, did not back away from his position as the most vocal and public defender of the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” If anything, he couched his defense of the project in even deeper moral and political terms, calling the Cordoba House a telling illustration of intrinsic American principles and a valuable tool in the war on terror.

From Bloomberg’s prepared remarks:

But if we say that a mosque and community center should not be built near the perimeter of the World Trade Center site, we would compromise our commitment to fighting terror with freedom.

We would undercut the values and principles that so many heroes died protecting. We would feed the false impressions that some Americans have about Muslims. We would send a signal around the world that Muslim Americans may be equal in the eyes of the law, but separate in the eyes of their countrymen. And we would hand a valuable propaganda tool to terrorist recruiters, who spread the fallacy that America is at war with Islam.

Islam did not attack the World Trade Center — Al-Qaeda did. To implicate all of Islam for the actions of a few who twisted a great religion is unfair and un-American. Today we are not at war with Islam — we are at war with Al-Qaeda and other extremists who hate freedom.

The members of our military are men and women at arms — battling for hearts and minds. And their greatest weapon in that fight is the strength of our American values, which have always inspired people around the world. But if we do not practice here at home what we preach abroad — if we do not lead by example – we undermine our soldiers. We undermine our foreign policy objectives. And we undermine our national security.

While some of the cultural center’s other early supporters have backed away from their defense of the project, Bloomberg has emerged as perhaps the least fickle of its supporters.

A majority of the public opposes the Cordoba House’s proposed location.

Addressing those calling for a compromise location for the center, Bloomberg offered the logical rejoinder. “The question will then become, how big should the ‘no-mosque zone’ around the World Trade Center be?” he remarked. “There is already a mosque four blocks away. Should it too, be moved?”

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  1. But if we say that a mosque and community center should not be built near the perimeter of the World Trade Center site, we would compromise our commitment to fighting terror with freedom.

    Huh?We made a commitment to fight terrorism only with freedom?H’ba L’horgach Hascem V’Horgoy…

    And it is amazing that someone as successful as Bloomberg can really believe the rest of the sheer nonsense he is quoted here as saying

  2. Great picture!

    he is so stubborn. but his “logic” is hardly logic.
    how far does it need to be?
    Far enough that its not called the ground zero mosque.

    The fact that there is a little hole in the wall mosque 4 blocks away, is such a dumb point.
    It was there before 9-11 so its not insensitive,and if there is a mosque in the neighborhood, why do they need another

  3. Hey Bloomy,
    Al-Quida wasn’t Al-Quida overnight, they started out as “freedom fighters” with US backing. These guys are no different.

  4. The mayor is right as far as freedom of expression and freedom of religion is concerned, but there’s an expression that says its better to be honest and compassionate then right, how could we excuse the pain so many families went through on 9.11 even with what appears to be logistical, did the families of the victims not go through enough? Is their pain really being adhered to with such actions? Would building a mosque by people who seem to justify the actions of 9.11, really be a healer? Would you build a holocaust guestioning center next to holocaust survivors house? Would you suggest somebody sitting shiva to reconcile with his relatives murderer?


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