Bloomberg Determined To Get Same-Gender Marriage Passed, Will Use His Money If Needed

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bloombergUsing the power of his deep pockets, Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday demanded that state lawmakers vote to legalize same-gender marriage this year.

“It’s just none of the government’s business who you love,” Bloomberg told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

In a speech he felt was so important that he used Teleprompters, Bloomberg demanded that the State Legislature end years of foot dragging and pass a same-gendermarriage bill – now.

“The question for every New York State lawmaker is do you want to be remembered as a leader on civil rights, or an obstructionist?” the mayor said.

And in wading into the tangled web of Albany politics, the mayor is putting his money where his mouth is. He raised $250,000 at a fundraiser this week, has donated undisclosed amounts of his own cash and, aides said, is privately telling lawmakers that if they don’t vote for the marriage equality bill he will use his vast fortune to back their challengers.

“We deserve a vote not next year, or after the 2012 elections, but in this legislative session,” Bloomberg said.

Activists say they will not hesitate to raise big bucks to run challengers to those who oppose same-gender marriage.

“That has to be part of their decision making process right now. Not only is it the right thing to do but it’s also the politically smart thing to do,” said Ross Levi of the Empire State Pride Agenda.

Although the issue has the backing of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it is tightly contested. Senate Republicans, who hold the key to the effort, won’t say whether there will even be a vote this year.

Senator Ruben Diaz, a Democrat, Pentecostal minister and vocal opponent, said there can be no such thing as marriage equality.

“A marriage is between a man and a woman,” Sen. Diaz said.

Diaz said that instead of trying to strong arm lawmakers, Mayor Bloomberg should spend his political capital and his own capital on a statewide referendum that would allow all New Yorkers to have a say on same-gender marriage.

A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said a decision on whether to hold a public vote on the issue won’t be made for a several weeks.

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  1. Below is a letter that I sent to my legislators in Maryland, revised for use in New York:

    Dear ________,

    I am writing this letter to urge you to vote against redefining marriage in the State of New York.

    I am fully aware that, in a free society, it is neither possible nor permissible to impose even one’s most sincerely held moral beliefs on others. Therefore, although millions of people sincerely believe that same gender relations are a severe breach of morality, we are clearly unable to impose that view on those who do not share this belief.

    The issue of legalizing same-gender marriage is a different one, for two reasons: First, it would involve changing the very definition of marriage to one that was not even contemplated until relatively recently. Second, it would mean that the State Government, acting on behalf of the people of New York, would be giving its stamp of approval to a lifestyle that millions believe is morally unacceptable. And, in a society where family values are continually declining to a shocking degree, who knows what would be the unintended consequences of such redefinition of marriage?

    In the strongest possible terms, I respectfully urge you to vote against this bill.

  2. Chazal say that the Mabul came because the people of that generation “Hayu Koisvin Kesubah Lezachar, which loosely translated means that the mabul didn’t come for the actual abomination itself, but for the official recognition of, and the glorification of it.

    We can see that the Riboino Shel Oilam is shaking up the whole world, and powerful, longstanding regimes are falling apart in a matter of days. The USA is not immune to such total disintegration.

    Just as Klal Yisrae-l was only able to enter Eretz Yisrae-l after the Sins of its inhabitants reached an intolerable level, so too, perhaps Klal Yisrae-l may not be zoiche to be the Roish Kol Haumois until the leading nations of the world sin enough, to deserve to be displaced from their places at the helm.

    While America has always been a bit less immoral than the Western European Nations, that reality seems to be changing dramatically.

    Yes,we are upset about the Chilul Hashem that such abominations constitute by their very existence in Hashem’s creation, and are worried about the nisyoinos and difficulties that the official promotion of them may create for us. But perhaps there is a silver lining here.

    May we be zoiche to the GEulah Shelaima B’korov!

  3. Dear Daniel from Maryland. How does the Maryland Constitution define marriage? I am also from Md. and I read our Constitution and could’t find a single word about marriage. I would appreciate your help.

  4. Like Pharoh, HKB”H has taken away the ability for Bloomberg to use his money for Mitzvo’s. We see how he has become arrogant & thinks he can manipulate events because he has so much money! What a blundering fool! After 120 he will have to answer, why he misused his money terribly, for rishus & wickedness!


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