Bloomberg Promises $15 Million To Help Make Up For U.S. Withdrawal From Climate Deal

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Michael Bloomberg is pledging to fill a funding gap created by President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, offering up to $15 million to support the U.N. agency that helps countries implement the agreement.

“Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up — and there isn’t anything Washington can do to stop us,” said Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who now serves as the U.N.’s special envoy on cities and climate change.

“Mayors, governors, and business leaders from both political parties are signing [on to] a statement of support that we will submit to the U.N.,” Bloomberg said, “and together, we will reach the emission reduction goals the U.S. made in Paris in 2015.”

Under the Paris accord, the U.S. sent some $1 billion to the Green Climate Fund that is guided by the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change — the body that coordinates international climate policy. The U.S. was supposed to provide an additional $2 billion, but Trump has balked at that idea, and his proposed budget includes cuts to international climate programs. Read more at NPR.



  1. Nebach. What a lowlife. What a Rasha. Here you have so many Bnei Torah who are learning Torah mitoich hatchak, both in Eretz Yisroel and in America. With a simple stroke of his pen, he can be koina Olam Haba, linetzach nitzachim, but being such a kofer & Rasha, he throws the Torah under the bus R”L and turns his back on the Aibishter!

      • Do you even know what chlorofluoro carbons means? It means Freon – which a)no body chokes on, b)has been phased out in the US decades before Paris accord. Why do the fascist-liberal useful-idiots have to be so ignorant?

  2. good where are all these billionaires, for if they think it is important to bring up money let them do it as charity. Most of the money given will end up in the leaders of the countries bank accounts, so billionaires and giving money to millionaires, and guess what most of those countries will still have bad conditions, like China where you can still see air and I don’t suggest you drink the water either.

  3. Another self righteous limousine liberal. Why only 15 millions – Bloomberg can easily afford a few billions if he really believes in the cause. “Do as I say, not as I do.”


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