Bloomberg To Lobby Republicans On Same Gender Marriage


bloombergNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he’s ready to back another effort to legalize toeivah marriage in the Empire State. In remarks to the New York Daily News, Bloomberg said he would lobby Senate Republicans on behalf of the bill.

“If there’s a chance to pass a bill, I will do it,” Bloomberg told the paper. “I’ll go lobby.”

Passage in the Senate remains key to getting the bill to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk.

In 2009, eight of the chamber’s Democratic members crossed the aisle to join all Republicans in killing the measure. Neither that loss nor the fact that Republicans now control the chamber is slowing momentum for a second campaign later this year.

Cuomo has already announced he’ll back the effort.

While the News notes that Bloomberg might have the “juice” to change a few Senate GOP minds because he’s their largest financial benefactor, they neglect to mention that the third-term mayor’s lobbying failed to convince any fellow Republicans in the Senate in 2009.

In events that often included openly gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Bloomberg urged New Yorkers – and lawmakers – to support toeivah marriage.

Last year, Bloomberg recorded a PSA for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest  toeivah rights advocate.

{On Top Mag/ Newscenter}


  1. For shame.

    He bans smoking, but promotes toeivah? He should oppose toeivah, if only for health concerns!

    Bloomberg’s popularity has declined a lot recently. His endorsement is not worth as much now as it was when he was riding higher.

  2. OK. The mayor feels he has enough political support. What a disgrace. Shame on our community for allowing this to happen.

  3. This is an outrage, especially since it is not be denounced by any of our community’s council members. We must make our voices heard, even if our “statemen” have lost their power of speech. Thank you Matzav !!!

  4. will you people ever stop worrying about other people’s issues? Do you not have anything else to be concerned about in NY?


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