Bloomberg To Spend Up To $100 Million To Beat Trump In Florida

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Billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced Sunday he would spend as much as $100 million in Florida to defeat President Donald Trump in his must-win state.

The infusion of cash comes as polls indicate a tightening of the race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who are deadlocked in a recent Marist Poll, and as Floridians start voting by mail at the end of the month.

Read more at Politico.



  1. Sad.What happened to Bloomberg? He was a good Republican mayor in NYC,then he turns Democrat and even with a billion dollars couldn’t get nominated for President.Is he just operating from pure jealousy of President Trump?

  2. Yep. It causes Trump to spend money he doesn’t have it is why he tweeted nasty garbage on Bloomberg. Bloomberg usually does the ads right at the ad no warning for the opposition. Trump has the Koch family, wsj, nypost and his beloved Fox.

    • Bloomberg illegally stole a 3rd term as Mayor even though we have term limits here in NYC. For that, I can never forgive him. Mike is a white law breaker and should be thrown in prison.


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