BNEI BRAK: Five Cases of Meningitis in Children

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No fewer than five cases of meningitis have been diagnosed in children in Bnei Brak over the last two months, sowing fear throughout the city.

The Israeli Health Ministry says that, according to laboratory results, the illnesses are all different varieties of meningitis.

Two of the children are said to be in serious condition.

A six-month-old baby was hospitalized in critical condition last week at Schneider Children’s Hospital. Three weeks ago, a ten-month-old toddler was diagnosed with the illness.

In addition, over the last seven weeks, another three cases of meningitis were reported following a rash of violent bacterial infections among children and toddlers in Bnei Brak.

The Ministry of Health has called for hospitals to increase vigilance, provide prompt treatment, and report any additional cases that arise.

The Ministry of Health added that they “do not see a connection between the cases, except mere coincidental details.”

The first case occurred in late June, when a toddler from a Sanzer family was admitted to Mayanei Hayeshuah Hospital. Later, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Schneider’s Hospital.

Later, a 6-year-old boy who attends the Satmar Talmud Torah in Bnei Brak was hospitalized at Sheba Medical Center with meningitis.

The next day, another 6-year-old boy was hospitalized in Bnei Brak with meningitis. The only connection between these last two children is the proximity of their chadorim.

“This is an abnormal accumulation of cases,” said the Health Ministry. “In each case, we have interviewed the patient and their family, and given preventive antibiotic treatment to all who came in contact with him. We cannot prove that one patient infected the other, and we have no explanation for this large number of cases.”

According to the Ministry of Health, by the end of July, 54 cases of meningitis were reported in Israel over the prior year, a significant increase from 32 cases in the same period the year before.

David Steger – Israel News Bureau


  1. They may have contracted it from children who were vaccinated. My friend’s children contracted whooping cough from their friends who were vaccinated with DPT. Baruch HaShem, they are fine, and they will never need to be vaccinated from the disease.

  2. Hashem lets nothing happen without a reason. He is sending a message. Rav Shteinman, Shlita, and Rav Kanievsky, Shlita should be consulted as to why this is happening to Klal Yisroel, and what can be done to stop it.

  3. There is only one vaccine that protects against one of the diseases that can cause meningitis, Hib. Since these were 5 differents kinds of bacteria, at least four can have nothing to do with vaccinations. And chances are that if one of them was Hib, R”L, it was because the child was NOT vaccinated. The chance of a child contracting Hib from a child who was vaccinated is a nonsensical thought. And a dangerous one!!
    Ask my cousin about avoiding vaccinations. He contracted polio because his mother didn’t believe in the shot and still lives with effects of that disease 50 years later. B’H at least he survived.


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