Bnei Brak Miracle: Empty Belz Cheder Floor Caves In

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belz-cheder-collapse[Photos below.] The young talmidim of the Belzer Talmud Torah in  Bnei Brak were amazed to discover that the floor of one of their classrooms had caved in and collapsed into a gaping hole overnight. Senior municipality officials and engineers arrived at the site.

A source at the Talmud Torah said, “This is a fantastic miracle. A true neis. If the floor would have collapsed during the school day, who knows what could have happened?”

Check out these images, courtesy of Itzik Horowitz from News 24.

{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. Like the guy who fell ten stories and broke every bone in his body, and said “It’s a miracle that I survived!” True, it was a miracle. But he would have been better off not falling in the first place.

  2. to moshe
    i see you take the gift of life & health for granted & don’t appreciate everythin & every new day Hashem lets a person stay alive
    May Hashem help you when your in need of help & a floor is about to collapse. I THINK THEN YOU WILL BE CALLING TO HASHEM FOR A NEIS TO SAVE YOU.

    may you learn to apprerciate everything & thank Hashem from your heart without the need to experience sadness, to learn it.


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