Bochur Motions: Foul Ball Not Caught!

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  1. Kol hakavod. Nice to see a well dressed boy, with his tzitzis out, acting nicely, enjoying a harmless pursuit. I am proud of him. May he grow up to bring us all nachas.

  2. To all the guys busy giving mussar about being at seder, give it up and stop judging. Seriously. Give it up.

  3. Firstly, the yeshiva had an off Shabbos at the time, so no missed seder.
    The ball actually did fall out when he hit the seats. This was confirmed by one of the TV commentators who was standing on the LF concurse.

  4. Wow, another “hit & run” piece by Matzav! Another showing of immaturity! We only allow in rosey positive comments!

  5. Dear Eli #7.
    It is a very sad situation that yourself and many others have an issue with a child or a young man or anyone for that matter experiencing an extremely human activity in life. Get your head out of your own broken spine of a book.


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