Bolivia Calls Israel ‘Terrorist State,’ Toughens Entry For Israelis

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evo-moralesBolivian President Evo Morales called Israel a “terrorist state” on Wednesday over the country’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Additionally, Israelis will not be able to enter Bolivia without a visa, the South American country announced. Since 1972, Israelis had been able to travel freely to Bolivia. Now, visa applicants will be considered citizens of a “group 3” country, meaning their applications will be reviewed by the Bolivian National Migration Administration.

“Israel does not respect the principles or purposes of the United Nations charter nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Morales said, the Bolivian newspaper Página Siete reported. Morales had already severed diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009.

Other South American countries such as Brazil, El Salvador, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru have recalled their ambassadors from Israel.

“Israel expresses its deep disappointment with the hasty decision of the governments of El Salvador, Peru, and Chile to recall their ambassadors for consultations. This step constitutes encouragement for Hamas, a group recognized as a terror organization by many countries around the world. … Israel expects countries that oppose terrorism to act responsibly and not to hand terrorists a prize,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said.


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  1. Really??
    It’s funny, that’s what Yanky Oestreicher said about you and your country! It seems that nobody disagreed with that assertion!

  2. And this is from a dog who illegaly had Jacob Ostreicher thrown in prison & prevented him from getting a fair trial?! This fat shrimp should be horse whipped!

  3. We’re not alone we have a father in heaven who is watching over us bh. Let these countries who are critical of Israel take these Hamas terrorists to their country if they feel so sorry for them.

  4. I am from Brasil and it is a horror to see to what a low level this country has stooped. In the years that we lived there, we never experienced anti-Semitism. It started with an open door policy for arab immigrants who infiltrated all areas by handing out money to the very poor. They will come to regret this, France being an great example. I am glad that I am an American citizen and have no more desire to back for a visit. A big, rich country with nothing to offer, CORRUPT and SUPER MISMANAGED, so is Bolivia, Chile Venezuela and Argentina.

  5. I Don’t think the Israelis are lining up for Visas to Bolivia. So calm down Morales you or your CORRUPT GOVERNMENT wont have the satisfaction of declining any of them.


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