Hillary Confirms She Will Not Run In 2020

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  1. Nothing to suddenly get so excited about. Of course Hillary won’t run in 2020 if she hasn’t been around in public for 3 months!

    • Really? I’ve seen videos of her at varios functions as recently as last week. And, oh by the way, her statement that she was not running WAS ON VIDEO. Or did you not notice it because it contradicts your paranoid conspiracy theory?

  2. Baruch H-m for everything he does. However this article seems to imply that we’re against Hillary. When Moses did the Makot he did not hit the sand nor water. Imagine, the Makot? They were going to be mekadesh sheim shomayim. That was going to bring the ultimate tachlit of the b’ri’ah. Yet we find that he could not be the sh’liach for this. The reason being that even though both of these are domem, they still saved his life and he therefore could not hit it. Fact is Bill and Hillary did many favors for yehudim. We have to be grateful to them and not be against them. We might not be happy with their current derech, fine don’t vote for them. But you cannot vilify them or make it sound as if we are against her. Especially on a public forum.

  3. Isn’t it time to tell the world why she’s not running? Where is she and her husband that the media needs to dig up this little video clip from last year?

  4. Funny that this is the first time i have ever seen a post on MATZAV starting off BARUCH HASHEM. As if that would have been the worst tragedy that ever hit the frum world. And very well said by ANONYMOUS above that we definitely have alot to be thankful to them for, besides for the fact that she would actually probably be better for us than most other Democrats running.

  5. I wouldn’t vote for her but I see no reason to celebrate her not running.

    She is a lot better than most of the Democrats who are running. She’s not so evil that there is any reason to celebrate in her disappointment.

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