Boy Punched in Antisemitic Incident on London Bus, Attacker Shouts ‘You Stupid Jews Think You Own the World’

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A teenage Jewish boy was the victim of an antisemitic assault on a London bus on Sunday.

According to the BBC, an unidentified man hit the boy in the stomach and shouted, “You stupid Jews think you own the world.”

The local Jewish security force Shomrim tweeted of the incident that it took place while the bus was en route to the heavily-Jewish Stamford Hill area and the attacker also shouted, “You (***) Jews.”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews issued a statement saying, “This unprovoked racist assault is sickening.”

“The vile individual who perpetrated this attack must be arrested and subjected to the full force of the law,” the Board added.

The London Metropolitan Police said it had received a report of the incident and was investigating, though no arrests had yet been made.

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