Boy Who Weeps Blood Baffles Doctors


cry-bloodAt left is a shocking picture of a boy who weeps blood. Calvino Inman, 17, has been suffering from the mysterious condition for two years and doctors remain clueless as to how to stem the flow of bleeding, which can last up to an hour at a time.The phenomenon is experienced by only a handful of people around the world.

Inman, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is undergoing tests to investigate whether a medical issue such as a tumour, tear duct problems, or a genetic defect is causing the bleeding.

He said: ‘People still call me possessed. The bleeding happens all the time, at school, at home and in the night.

‘I don’t usually know when they’re going to happen but sometimes it burns as it’s coming out.

‘Sometimes I don’t even know it’s happened until people start staring at me.

‘But afterwards I feel like someone is hitting the left side of my head with a hammer.

‘I can’t sleep at night. I just lie there awake with the light out for hours.’

His anxious mother, Tammy Mynatt, said: ‘We feel like the doctors have run out of ideas.

‘We’ve been to see about 15 specialists from New York to Memphis to Atlanta. It’s so frustrating to see my boy suffer like this.;

The distraught 35-year-old is now appealing to overseas doctors to help.

‘I just pray that someone out there knows how to help him,’ she added.

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