Britain’s Prince Charles Turns Heads at Peres Levayah With Personalized Royal Yarmulka

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By BB Portnoy

Britain’s Prince Charles turned some heads at the levayah of Israeli President Shimon Peres in Yerushalayim on Erev Shabbos with a personalized yarmulka bearing his official crest.

“One…royal yarmulke on Prince Charles at the Shimon Peres funeral,” Peter Baker, the New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, tweeted.

The Heat Street news site asked its Twitter followers, “Isn’t it more than a little tasteless to make your funeral headgear all ‘me me me’?”

This was not the first time Prince Charles has worn the yarmulka in question. He also wore it three years ago to celebrate the official induction of the UK’s new chief rabbi.


The prince was making only his second-ever visit to Israel for the Peres levayah. His first trip to the Jewish state took place two decades ago, when he attended the November 1995 funeral of assassinated Prime Minister Yitzchok Rabin.

On Thursday, Haaretz journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer tweeted, “It’s nice that Prince Charles is flying in for Peres’ funeral. But it also continues the Royal Family’s policy of only visiting dead Israelis.”

According to the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, the British Foreign Office determined “a long time ago” that visits to Israel and the Palestinian Authority were “too politically fraught for the royals to be involved in.”

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