Bronx Precinct Commander Quits, Citing ‘No Guidance’ On Recent Reforms

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A Bronx NYPD precinct commander is quitting in protest of how the department is handling police reform, The Post reported today.

Deputy Inspector Richard Brea is throwing in the towel after nearly three decades because he says his bosses are not giving him enough guidance on how to get guns and drugs off the street now that the department has disbanded and reassigned its anti-crime unit, according to people familiar with the matter.

Brea’s last day will be Friday.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Pat Lynch :
    Pull all cops off NYC streets for 48 hours at least.
    Let’s show the evil Democrats and Biden voters what’s going to happen if they win on Election Day.
    Spineless GOP RINOS better start speaking out and backing our president.

  2. Abolishing CompStat is exactly the same stupid mentality as Trump preventing coronavirus testing. If you don’t keep statistics you can convince your cult that there isn’t mass death happening.

    There is no difference between the Abolish Police Cult and the Trump Cult.

    • Your immaturity is showing once again. Why must you take every conversation and mix President Trump into it? Does your pea brain really give our President so much free real estate?

  3. Baby. Loser. Coward. When the going gets tough, he runs away. This donut eater should of never gotten the position in the first place. Will he forfeit his pension and benefits package as well?

    • Big talker! How about you manning the post? Unless all you know how to do is drink a coffee and complain. They should all walk out until the mayor and city council have their backs !

    • The moron-meter just busted due to the above comment.

      What “going gets tough”? What in the world are you talking about?

      The man left his job because his bosses said fix something and took away the tools. Whats wrong with that?!

  4. If he really had the guts, he would have pulled the police protection from every government office and every high ranking government official’s home. They would have fired him eventually of course, but he would have demonstrated the hypocrisy of the liberals, and would have been a hero to the people. Well, not everyone is cut out for greatness, I guess.


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