Brooklyn D.A. Hynes: I Have Never Been Deterred By Anyone, Incuding Brooklyn Botei Din


charles-j-hynes-2William Donohue of Spero News reports that Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes has responded quickly and honestly to a news release on the recent Beis Din of Crown Heights controversy.

Hynes said, in part, “In the 21 years I’ve served as Brooklyn’s District Attorney I have never been deterred by anyone including the various Beth Dins in Brooklyn from fulfilling my responsibilities as the Chief Law Enforcement Official of Kings County.”

He went on to say that “nothing can interfere with my authority to investigate and prosecute any allegation of crime in my County.” This is reassuring. I want to make it clear that D.A. Hynes has the support of the Catholic League-we very much appreciate his forthrightness.

{Spero News/ Newscenter}


  1. “No one shall bring to any media outlet, information about any resident that could, if publicized, lead to an investigation or intensified prosecution by any law-enforcement agency”

    This is the part of the ruling of the Beth Din they are upset about. Since when is it helpful to go to “media” outlets for any reason? Unless, of course, if you’ve got a kid flying in a homemade balloon..

    But, a midah kneed midah may be in there…

  2. Hynes presided over the Crown Heights pogrom and did a terrible job. He caved into Dinkins and Sharpton.

    I don’t know why Jews vote for him.

  3. Da Hynes is a vicious anti semite. He hates the jews. Anyone that has any trust in him is a fool. He will throw the book at a guy just to please the blacks and because he is jewish . He is a major threat to the jewish people . We must send letters to the attorney generals office and demand that they throw him out . JEWISH BLOOD IS NOT CHEAP EISAV SONEI YAKOV

  4. DA Hynes is corrupt as they come! He did NOTHING to prosecute the 4 police officers that executed Gideon Bush in cold blood! He caved in to the Anti Semite – Howard Safer, the then Police Commisioner!


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