B’tzar Gadol from Kupas Yom Tov



Our dear friends and shutfim,

With an aching heart we are in shock over the terrible tzaros that have fallen upon Klal Yisroel.With the tragic petira of so many קרבנות,

כולם אהובים כולם ברורים כולם גיבורים כולם קדושים.

Amongst them ידידנו וידיד התורה ולומדיה, a tremendous supporter of Torah and chesed, who was himself an accomplished Talmid Chochom

R’ Tzvi Yehuda Schmidt Zt”l

The pain is raw and our hearts go out to his chashuve family.

At this time we have dedicated this Yom Tovs chaluka לעילוי נשמתו הטהורה and will be called on his name

נחלת צבי יהודה

של קופת יום טוב

As well as, for a zechus tor ybl”c his chashuve wife

מאטיל פעסיל בת חי’ שרה

and son

דוב בער בן מאטיל פעסיל

Who are both in desperate need of a Refua Shelaima.


May אבינו שבשמים send a nechama to this chashuve family and all of Klal Yisroel and bring an immediate end to this bitter גזירה and this terrible מגיפה.

אבינו מלכינו קרע רע גזר דיננו!


P.S. With Yom Tov almost upon us we are still short the funds necessary to fully help everyone requested. In addition many additional requests keep on being sent in as many are making yom tov for the first time or struggling financially due to the current situation.If you have not yet done so PLEASE donate now by clicking here or calling 732-334-0050. May the zechus HaTorah be a zechus and shmira for all of Klal Yisroel.


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