BUMBLING BILL: NYC Mayor De Blasio Takes to Twitter to Weigh in On Police Closure of Yeshiva Today




    Enough already.

    You keep on repeating that NY Post style tabloid insult.

    Not appropriate for an ehrliche website.

    Or is it the NY Post what you aspire toward?

    (By the way, I never voted for him, despite many years of living in NYC)

  2. Did I read correctly BUMBLING BILL:??? What in the world did the mayor say wrong this time? Lets say the mayor and governor are wrong and yeshivos should be open or shuls should be open. The fact is right now its against the law. The reshoim who allowed this to happen are rodfim. They knew if they get caught, like they, in fact, did it will be in the newspapers. This is a massive chilul Hashem. The non jews and especially those yidden who look down on the Chasidim have new ammunition. What were these people thinking? These actions show that their Torah is meaningless and worthless.

    • Let’s start with scare tactics about “children”. The children are exactly the ones who have such a low rate of bad effects that it is a man-bites-dog story when children are reported sick. Here in Canada, for example, as reported on 19 May 2019, out of 2194 deaths from the virus, ZERO were 19 years of age or under, and less then 1% of those in ICU had been 19 or under, and out of 4183 hospitalized, 1% had been 19 or under.

      So while even one patient is one too many, these irresponsible scare tactics are counter-productive and are (partly) responsible for leading people to ignore it all together as they wise up.

      If he wants people to take it seriously, then he should be serious instead of political and ideological.

      • did you not consider if a child gets the virus they can transmit it to the elderly? are you incapable of abstract thought?

  3. Leftist Case Against Reopening America Proven False
    Collectively, the left-wing has railed against reopening and demonized Americans who realize the dangers of an indefinitely shuttered economy. This demonization entails emotional bullying and strawman arguments which assert that folks who favor reopening don’t care about the sanctity of human life.
    What shutdown-happy leftists won’t mention, though, is the countless lives and businesses that are being destroyed by shelter-in-place and safer-at-home orders. Moreover, despite the sanctimonious hypocrisy to come from Democrats, states that have reopened haven’t seen any spikes in coronavirus cases or deaths, onfirms sources.
    One prime example of this is Georgia; since Governor Brian Kemp decided to reopen the state for business, COVID-19 hospitalizations have declined, as has the use of ventilators.

    The Success of Reopening America
    On Sunday, Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, sat down for an interview with CNN.
    During this time, Azar fielded questions about states like Colorado and Georgia that have chosen to reopen in spite of left-wing fearmongering. The Health and Human Services secretary also admitted that there haven’t been spikes in cases before calling on additional measures for successful reopenings across America.
    According to Azar, “good surveillance,” coronavirus testing, and contact tracing are necessities as states reopen. He explained that such measures will enable state and local officials to track any movements of COVID-19 as communities begin getting back to business.

  4. Is it to our communal benefit to title this article in a negative way?? Are naive enough to think it does not get back to him and his staff?

    • That’s okay. He’ll be gone next year regardless. We have term limits for Mayor and his time is up thankfully.

  5. Do a mass disobedience. Schedule a lot of people together, get the press, and fight for our rights. Get arrested and spend a night in jail if necessary. Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr doesn’t have any legal basis to suspend the individual rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. If you behave as a sheep, you’ll be treated as one.

    • Exactly. I’ve been saying the same thing about flu shots. Just because the ignorant sheeple are injecting themselves with highly dangerous toxins and aborted fetuses, that doesn’t mean you have to follow mindlessly.

      • Dear 11:58pm, please don’t highjack the agenda. Our approval or disapproval of flu vaccination has no bearing on this particular subject of Mayor Wilhelm’s illegal dictatorial aspirations.

  6. if he’s concerned about our health, he should allow family memebers defend their loved ones being neglected and murdered in the hospitals. He should allow small businesses stuggling to make ends meat to open and avoid the, having heart failure due to the financial catastrophe they are experiencing. HE CARES ABOUT NOBODY BUT FOR HIS BIG FAT EGO!

  7. There are many non-Jews who are not complying. Two gyms in NJ opened today. The police came by. At one gym they said nothing. At the other gym they said you are not supposed to be doing this, but have a good day and they left! Please read this very important article..especially the last parts that talk about the collateral damage being caused by the edicts, which will result in MORE DEATHS than from the coronavirus. Please use your brains!

    Dr. Ashkan Attaran “ We misunderstood coronavirus, now we underestimate its consequences.”

    Please share this article wide and far.

  8. DE BLASIO IS RIGHT. If you’d use your brain you’d understand that this coronavirus (the flu, as it used to be called) is not a medical virus as much as it is the “draining of the swamp” who’ve been a plague on humanity for over 200 years. It is a “virus” to get rid of the “invisible enemy” who are still roaming the streets knowing they’re being pursued and are out to retaliate. Thousands of these coronas have b”H been arrested, even though the media is keeping it quiet – for the moment. Which is why social distancing is SO important so that innocent people will not be in harms way. Their best false flags ch”v would be large groups.
    BE VERY CAREFUL! DeBlasio is right about the danger for children. DO NOT LET CHILDREN until about 18 WALK ALONE.

    To prove this point: Think about it. Why are politicians, police and the DS Health Dept suddenly so involved this year in the flu (corona)? Why don’t we hear about the medical situations from doctors, physicians, professors and hospitals globally besides from whistle-blowers (who are indeed saying the truth about what’s really going on)? Discussions of masks are only for show and tell.

    If you still don’t believe it, google DUMBs, for a start.

    • Further to my last comment, the main concern with children is that they will spread it to adults and to the aged as they will be carrying it without any indication they are infected. But he uses scare tactics instead.

  9. Had this been two weeks ago i would have been outraged that a Yeshiva could be open and getting us so much negative attention.

    Today however the winds are blowing towards “open things up already!!!” in the non-Jewish world. Therefore while I don’t don’t think the Yeshiva should have opened it’s not as much of an issue as it would have been two weeks ago.

    And it is wrong to single out a Yeshiva. There are plenty of non-Jews who are no longer complying with the lock down either.


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