Bush to Mossad Chief Dagan: ‘It Was an Honor to Work With You’


bushOutgoing Mossad Chief Meir Dagan received a letter from former President George W. Bush at a Thursday night party honoring eight years of service.

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert read the letter from Bush aloud at the party, which was closed to the press.

“I thank you for what you’ve done,” Bush wrote. “It was an honor to work with you.” Bush also sent Dagan a book with a message written inside.

The families of captive soldier Ron Arad and spy Eli Cohen were also invited to the event. Dagan apologized to the families that he did not succeed in bringing Cohen and Arad back to Israel.

Dagan has been in public service for 43 years, and served three premiers: Ariel Sharon, Olmert and Netanyahu. He will be replaced by Tamir Pardo, a Mossad veteran who served as Dagan’s deputy.



  1. Of course it was an honor for Bush. Israel is a unbelievably good ally.

    When Bush asked Israel to use it’s Air Force on a stealth mission in Syria, Israel complied.

    When Israel asked Bush for help with Iranian nuke facilities long before it became an issue for the entire world, Bush said, “No!”.

  2. Bush refused to let israel buy american bunker busters
    Bush refused to even commute Pollard’s sentence ( not even pardon him)
    Bush refused to impose harsh sanctions on Iran ( unlike Obama who succeeded at doing so to an effective extent in less than 2 years in office)
    The sanctions are the major part of the reason the nuke threat from iran is off the table- ( the “worm” is just something that interfered with 20% of Irans nuclear fuel production- read the NY Times article carefully and critically!)


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