Cali Assembly OKs Right-to-Die Bill

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right to die legislationThe California State Assembly approved a measure Wednesday that would allow physicians to prescribe drugs to end terminally ill patients’ lives. The measure has been sent on to the Senate which approved similar legislation in the past.

The End of Life Option Act would require three steps to get patients the drugs in question. It would necessitate two separate oral requests from the patient, as well as a written one. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Oy vey!!!!
    This is terrible. Allowing people to murder children and calling it pro choice. And now letting people decide they can kill themselves.
    I understand withdrawing lifesaving medications and even avoiding intubation. But giving medicines to hasten death??

  2. Is it a wonder that the same crowd that opposes Capital punishment for murderers because ‘it’s improper for us to take anyones life ‘ are the same crowd that pushes for physicians and care providers to end terminally ill patients’ lives?

    What does that say?


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