Calls to Move U.S. Embassy to Yerushalayim ahead of New Deadline

A House subcommittee held a hearing on Wednesday on moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Yerushalayim. In December, President Trump will have to decide whether to order the move or delay it for another six months.
Dore Gold, a former top aide to Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu, testified before the panel and highlighted Israel’s protection of holy sites to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Gold told the Jerusalem Post after the hearing, “We have an administration that wants to do this. We’re not pulling wisdom teeth – it’s important to clarify this is in the Israeli interest….It’s important for them to hear Israelis take a strong stand on this.”
{ Israel news Bureau}


  1. I beg to differ.
    Moving the embassy will make a public statement to the world, that the USA stands behind Israel. This will force the Arbas to realize that time is running out on them, and they should step up to make peace with Israel.


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