Can Science Make Our Kids More Jewish?

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title-image (1)As Jews, we attach a great amount of importance to our community’s rich traditions. It is our deepest wish that the legacy will continue with our children, grandchildren and future generations. It is a challenge to maintain our way of life in today’s rapidly changing world. To meet this challenge, we must infuse ourselves and our children with the understanding of the meaning of all these rituals. An appreciation of all that Hashem has done for us and of His wondrous work of Creation is a vital component of this understanding. All our customs are meant to heighten our relationship with Hashem. Shouldn’t we strengthen the very foundation of this all?

Our traditions began with Avrohom Avinu who discerned Hashem through the obvious wisdom and benevolence that is apparent in the natural world. Modern science reveals to us that the natural world is ever more intricate than we thought just yesterday. We now have heightened awareness of the planning that went into each detail of Creation – just one apple has more information in its DNA than the capacity of the great supercomputers. This study can be a powerful tool in cementing our relationship with Hashem. It is vital to transmit this to our future generations as well.

jewish science imageRabbi Mayer Tzvi Berman, Rosh Yeshivas Ki Haim Chayenu Yeshiva for Adults is involved in creating an important tool to link our children with this understanding. He is producing a video titled “Rabbi Teva Discovers …Plants” which will teach children about appreciating Hashem through science, comedy and 3-D animation. The script is completed and has earned the approval of Rav Yisroel Belsky, Torah UMesorah , Merkos Chinuch Office, Rabbi Richard Altabe and many educators in both Judaic and secular around the country.

Rav Belsky letter

torah umesorahA online campaign is underway to help get this film off the ground. The campaign is called “Help Kids See Hashem Through Science.” Please open your hearts to the connection between our kids and Hashem and share it with your friends to encourage them to do the same. You can have a part in building a vibrant Jewish future.

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  1. In Breuer’s years ago, Science was not entitled Science. It was entitled Nifla’os HaBorei. Observing science gives one a chance to strengthen one’s Emuna.

  2. When you can praise Hashem in a higher avenue of your own humor and honor by studying science, you are in a higher condition of G-ds blessing as a human being.

    To see cells under a microscope and understand how they work can make you laugh about how perfect and precise Creation really is.

    G-d is not a bad G-d of course. He made science to be understood, studied and developed.

    Science should not ever be disregarded for our children’s futures and they will certainly make big strides in humanity if they are orthodox jews in many of the fields.

    G-d is blessed. So should your child be blessed. Keep your eye on the skies, study the stars, look in a microscope, go to medical school and get a ph.d. The pay off is a higher relationship with G-d.


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