Can’t Toivel Due to Coronavirus? MK Introduces Mechiras Keilim


During this challenging time, it is not always possible to Toivel Keilim, due to the restrictions that are currently in effect. Many people are making Pesach for the first time and are purchasing new Keilim, making it even more challenging.

With this in mind, the MK, the vaad hakashrus in Canada, has set up a system of Mechiras Keilim (selling the utensils, pots, pans, cooking and other appliances, etc.), similar to the sale of Chametz, by selling it to a gentile. This works with the intention that it is only for a short period of time, 30 days. During this time, one may use these items, which are borrowed from the Non-Jew. However, after 30 days, these are then returned to the original ownership of the person that purchased them, and must then be toiveled.

In order to make it simpler, complete the form HERE. Each day at 6pm, up until and including Monday, April 6th, all of the forms that the MK receives, and all of the included on those forms, will be sold. At 6:30 on the day your form was submitted, you are allowed to use these items.

Please ensure that you do not discard any of the items. Disposable aluminum pans may be included in the sale for those who wish.



  1. They should note that this could only be relied upon if there is absolutely no Mikvah or Lake/Ocean to toivel in. It may not be relied upon if you are too lazy to toivel them. In addition, in NY and NJ there are services offering to toivel keilem for people. For most communities, this selling is not to be relied upon.

    It is also important to note that some things you will never be able to use again next year. Some pots and the like which get food or grease permanently stuck to them can no longer be toiveled. They are only selling it for this
    Yom Tov. For next year they will require tevulah, and they will not be toivel-able.

    I never understood why a local Vaad who organizes something for the need of their own community feels the need to nationalize their service when it doesn’t apply to the communities they are targeting.

    • so let me get this straight this vaad hakashrus lacks a competent posek? and is not in contact with gedolim if the dont know an answer? oh I see people shouldnt trust all kashrus because somebody has a different shitah

  2. Every one should ask a Rav,
    When you sell Kalim to a goy it not simple.
    You vcan mafker the kalim in front of 3 people and not be kone it again much simpler process.

  3. In places like Toronto where all the Mikvahs are closed & even the lakes which are kosher to Toivel in are closed because you are only allowed to travel to essential places you are not mechuyav to Travel far to a big river to Toivel something. Everything can be toiveled after use if it’s get dirty like a pot or frying pan so can kasher them first with Libun Gamur & than Toivel them.

  4. Speak to your Rabbi before relying on this article on the internet. Whether or not to rely on this is highly case specific, and shouldn’t be applied in a general mannerism. There are other options available that your Rabbi may feel is better, or there may be a tevila option you’re unaware of. Speak to YOUR RAV. I know they’re busy, but this is what they’re there for. (Same goes with selling chometz gamur if you usually don’t, selling over email instead of in person, ect. Don’t rely on articles you’re reading-ask your Rabbi what you should do.)

  5. I spoke with one of the great Poskim of our generation, and this eitzah is perfectly sound. This is why he’s a Posek and the people posting their comments will never be.

    • What is your Great Posek’s name? I’m sure he would be proud to issue a groundbreaking psak like that! In Hakehel’s email today, in the Halachos reviewed and edited by Reb Shmuel Kaminetzky shlita he says selling can only be relied upon if there is no body of water available within a 72 minute drive.


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