Carson Suggests That Gun Rights Might Have Changed History For Jews In WWII

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ben carsonBen Carson said Thursday that Adolf Hitler’s mass murder of Jews “would have been greatly diminished” if German citizens had not been disarmed by the Nazi regime.

The comment, which came during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, was similar to arguments Carson made following last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., in which he defended the Second Amendment and suggested that the victims should have fought the gunman.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and a contender for the Republican presidential nomination, has generated headlines repeatedly for speaking his mind. His string of comments on hot-button issues includes stating that homosexuality is “absolutely” a choice, saying he would not support a Muslim for U.S. president and declaring last week that he would “not just stand there and let him shoot me” — a reference to the Oregon gunman.

Carson has criticized the news media, saying his comments are being taken out of context, but he has not backed down from the basic positions.

Carson, who has no government experience, is running second to Donald Trump and is viewed more favorably than the bombastic businessman. Carson’s flair for dramatic political rhetoric — he once referred to the Affordable Care Act as the “worst thing to happened in this nation since slavery” — helped to launch his presidential campaign.

His comments about gun control in Nazi Germany are explored in his just-released book, “A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties,” in which he expands on his political views.

He said Nazi Germany was one of the regimes that he used as a cautionary tale against curbing citizens’ gun rights.

“But just clarify, if there had been no gun control laws in Europe at that time, would 6 million Jews have been slaughtered?” Blitzer asked.

“I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” Carson said.

Blitzer pushed a bit more: “Because they had a powerful military machine, as you know, the Nazis.”

“I understand that,” Carson said. “I’m telling you that there is a reason that these dictatorial people take the guns first.”

Read more at the Washington Post.

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  1. Absolutely! If there would be as least one killed German for each murderer Jew, Nazis would probably not even try their final solution. Unfortunately, it’s not just guns but a set of mind: Israel has plenty of guns yet permits Arabs to murder Jews with impunity.


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