Carter Slams Obama for Backtracking on Israeli Building Freeze


carter-obamaFormer President Jimmy Carter has slammed President Barack Obama for his policy on Israel’s settlement freeze, accusing him of backing away from his initial commitment to bring Jewish construction in the West Bank to a complete halt.

Carter makes these comments in his new book to be released on Monday.

The former president criticizes several US presidents, including fellow Democrat Bill Clinton, for not bringing sufficient pressure on Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank. He writes that construction was “especially rapid” during Clinton’s administration.

Carter’s views on Israel have caused controversy in the past, such as when he likened Israeli policy in the West Bank to apartheid South Africa in his 2006 book ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.’

The book also shows his pride in helping to bring peace between Egypt and Israel at Camp David. 

Carter’s book adds that the failed Iran hostage rescue played a major role in his 1980 defeat and he was hurt by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s bid for the nomination.

Carter says his efforts to rescue US diplomats held by Iran should have worked but were thwarted by a “strange series of mishaps,” including a crash between a helicopter and a transport plane.



  1. Once again he proves what an anti semit he is and the reason he lost in 1980 is because he was one of the worst president it the history of the united states hr should have stuck to peanut farming

  2. This senile meshugeneh is an imbarassment to this nation . Its a moifess he got elected even once . not to mention hes a nazi era anti semite . cant believe he’ll sell even one book , aside to the library of congress .

  3. he put equal pressure on the other side to become real peace partners and revamp the educational system and rename a lot of streets and plazas in PA territory…

  4. Peanut man is writing a book for money. He wants it to sell, not just a few Yiddelech buy it, & lend it out out or flush it.
    This stuff sells, weather he holds of it or not, that way he could try & change his record of worst president ever, or he thinks he could.[Obama may do him that favor anyway].
    I am suprised that he still has a money drive at his age, who will he leave it too?
    I hope our al Cheit yesterday meant more than his.

  5. The article mischaracterizes Obama. Obama simply was implementing George bush and dick Cheneys roadmap requirements STATED AS TERMS TO GO BACK TO NEGOTIATING A FINAL SETTLEMENT.
    the map has nothing to do with the final settlement and obama hasnt changed the U.S. policy on that at all.

    The Bush and Cheney roadmap in 2004 against Israel’s protests required complete cessation of natural growth. That is why at annapolis olmert was forced to re-accept the NO NATRURAL GRWTH requirements of bush and cheney which by 2008 meant there wasnt a square inch to expand on. and bush and cheney forced this on israel initially DURING the intifada and then at annapolis, which took place after hamas took control of gaza.

    But the worst thing the mass media has done is make it look like this requirement for stoppage of all natural growth is anything more than a requirement by the US- forced on israel by bush and cheney – as a requirement after which final settlement talks would resume. The mass media doesnt leave the reader to believe that this requirement has nothing to do with the settlements that will remain in israeli hands after the final settlement.

    (Olmnert, under bush, did resume talks, and since olmert’s initiative was liked by Abbas, abbas let olmert’s natural growth violations “go” during the last year of bush evidently considering olmert’s and bushs pressure on him something to cave in to.

    Natanyahu enjoyed no such confidence by abbas or obama in 2009 since netanyahu like all previous likud admins bucked previous agreements.

  6. “he put equal pressure on the other side to become real peace partners and revamp the educational system and rename a lot of streets and plazas in PA territory…”

    Yes and it has worked so well, NOT! Perhaps his heart wasn’t really in it, anti-semite that he is.

    Do you remember the fourteen Carter Center Board members who quit in 2007 over his book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, calling it, “Unfairly critical of Israel and riddled with inaccuracies”?

    In their letter of resignation they complained, “You have clearly abandoned your historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side”.


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