Case of Habochur Chaim Weiss z”l Reopened By Police


chaim-weissLong Beach, NY – More than 25 years after a 15-year-old Staten Island yeshiva bochur was found in his dorm room at Mesivta of Long Beach, Nassau County police said they are reopening the 1986 long-cold case, even raising the Crime Stoppers reward in hopes of gaining new leads.

Chaim Weiss was found sprawled across his bed. At first, police said Chaim was bludgeoned to death, but the next day they said he passed away of multiple stab wounds to the head, neck and face.

No murder weapon was found and the case went cold more than 20 years ago.

Police are expected to hold a press conference with the family next week and raise the reward for information leading to an arrest.

Read more at NEWSDAY NY.

{ Newscenter}


  1. It’s been one of the big cases in which the FBI wasn’t able to solve. They have a few new possibilities of what may have happened


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