Catskills Authorities Investigating Bungalow Colony for Potential Measles Outbreak

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The Sullivan County Department of Health is currently paying a visit to the Nachlei Emunah bungalow colony in Monticello, as they seek to investigate a possible case of the measles.

The Department of Health is aware of a visitor reportedly with measles who was in the colony last weekend, and they are checking whether the residents of the colony are vaccinated, to ensure that the contagion doesn’t spread in the county as other areas in New York battle to bring the outbreak this year under control.

(Boro Park 24 News)



  1. Just like all those anti-Semites said at the start of the summer – “minivans and measles”. Yup and we proved them right.
    What a chilul Hashem!

    • Not only are you totally fine but thank Hashem that your immune system is stronger. Those who get the injections kill their immune system and can’t fight diseases.

      • Kill the immune system? Nobody, not even the anti-vaxxers – who, by the way are certainly entitled to their opinion, and those among them basing their arguments on scientific facts have some good points to make – do NOT say they kill the immune system. Everyone agrees – it is brought from the RaMBa”M as well, discussed in Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and probably many other sources – that being exposed to the allergen, disease, antigen, etc. one builds UP an immunity. The only complaints are:
        (1) that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA push approval of some of these items before they are fully tested, developed, and proven.
        (2) That the formula of (currently only) one or two of the vaccines may be linked to autism, although this has all been totally disproven.
        (3) The schedule of vaccinations needs to be modified.

        But EVERYBODY knows and agrees that they create an immunity not kill the immune system.

        • Slowly but surely all conspiracy theories are turning out to be true and so is Big Pharma’s money greed. Recently President Trump repealed the 1939 Cancer Act. What do you think this Act is? Let me open your mind a bit after being so brainwashed by Fake News propaganda all these years.

          The Cruel Cancer Act makes it illegal for doctors to offer alternatives to chemo or for any person to advertise a cure for cancer. Doctors are not legally allowed to offer or advise on alternatives for fear of criminal prosecution and the loss of their licence to practice. All, so that everyone is driven into the poison of chemotherapy and Big Pharma will not lose their millions of dollars / British pounds / Shekels at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives per year! Hashem Yerachem! Big Pharma’s vaccine hype is the same hoax.

  2. @Anonymous
    How many vaccinated healthy people do you know that got measles?
    But you are too selfish to realize how much danger you are posing to people whos Immune system is weak or compromised.

    • I personally know several who were vaccinated as a child and foolishly trusted their doctors that they don’t have to inject themselves with dangerous chemicals every 3 years and got it after being exposed to it. Sadly they were all hospitalized because they were adults and in danger. Some were over 30 years old! H”Y. (By the way, it’s not 97% are immune for life after vaccination. No, that’s not true. What doctors are saying is 97% are generally not exposed to measles. But all who were vaccinated and exposed can get the measles.)

      The fools are you vaxxers who trust doctors blindly. For children, measles is “a mild childhood disease” – as doctors say, but for adults it’s dangerous. Their immune system became weak and compromised BECAUSE OF the vaccinations. Get your facts straight. Recently MK Litzman, Ministry of Health in Israel, fired 2 doctors for revealing the truth about MMR to patience. Shouldn’t this wake you up????

      EVERY SINGLE PERSON who had the actual measles (not the ones you can get from the shots) have strong immune systems, did not get autism, nor brain damage nor other neurological disorders, have no food allergies, etc. and nobody died. This is a fact proven by doctors and nurses and the CDC. You can find it online in natural websites.

      • Please take your “facts” and get out of my kids yeshiva, bais yaakov and my shul.
        Please feel free to practice your hocus pocus elsewhere.

    • I guess I fall under the category of crazy. I would go back to reading peach but I have no idea what that is. Can you elaborate? In the meantime I’ll repair my tinfoil hat. In the summer it tends to get sweaty and out of shape. Hold on, I’m getting a good frequency.

  3. The individual is a vaccinated adult,not unvaccinated child.(as were too many in this outbreak……)
    It’s about time we realize who is the real culprit that’s spreading this disease……….

  4. Sobowitz says
    next year everybody will need to be vaccinated in order to rent a bungalow
    Unless you prepay your bungalow in advance that’s when you get a pass

  5. Measles makes you healthy
    Measles makes you strong
    Measles makes you wealthy
    Measles makes you live long

    Measles cures your tartar
    Measles clears your skin
    Measles makes you smarter
    Measles makes fatties thin

    Measles is your buddy
    Measles is your pal
    Measles helps you study
    Measles helps morale

    Measles fixes sadness
    Measles fixes lazy
    (Who believes this madness?
    An anti-vaxxer crazy)


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