CDC Boss Warns of Worst Fall Season in U.S. Health History if COVID Mitigation Measures Ignored

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The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that if the American public does not follow recommended coronavirus mitigation measures, the country could have the worst fall for public health in U.S. history. Robert Redfield said, “For your country right now and for the war that we’re in against COVID, I’m asking you to do four simple things: Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and be smart about crowds. I’m not asking some of America to do it. We all gotta do it.”

Redfield added that flu vaccinations would help protect children. The CDC has bought 10 million doses of the flu vaccine for uninsured adults this year, compared to the typical 500,000 doses. His warning came as deaths from the virus rebounded to their highest levels in several weeks as schools begin to reopen.

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    • It’s all one big confusion. Nothing makes any sense any more. These officials double talk purposely just to keep everyone confused. All we know is what we see with our own eyes. That no one has gotten sick with corona in over 4 months. Everything else is jibberish. And a lot of fraud.

      • Since the coronavirus is obviously pre-planned (see post 1), how can anyone have gotten sick with corona? In the beginning people got sick with the regular flu (that was purposely spread from the labs) to start the plan of lockdown. After that, people got sick with respiratory issues from masks.

    • The dreaded deadly measles will come back with a vengeance, if the ocd babies don’t get vaccinated. Bad times ahead.

    • All the number of sickness and death are the number of corona elite Deep State/Cabal/Mossad criminals arrested or executed, a so-called virus planned for this purpose.

    • no vaccine ever cured anything. even provaccine people say it is to prevent a worse case of whatever the vaccine is for. Never cured a single disease.

  1. I see matzav has condoned covid skeptics for a long time now. seeing how the censors are quick to censor things they dont approve of. then this must meab then allowing the covid skeptics a platform must mean they disapprove of censoring them. how does it feel you are most likely responsible for death matzav?? nuu… ??

      • 7:25
        quoting a smart man doesn’t make you smart! even a parrot can quote a smart man. and yet they are still a parrot! you need to grow up and think of real consequences not those imagined in the deep crevices in your mind!


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