CDC: Coronavirus Death Rate Likely Just 0.26%, Twice As Deadly As The Flu


The coronavirus fatality rate estimate has fallen, according to the latest estimates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to 0.26%, far below previous estimates.

The updated CDC figures show a 0.4% death rate for symptomatic cases of coronavirus, down-grading the estimated fatality rate from 1% of symptomatic cases.

With the CDC now estimating that more than a third (35%) of coronavirus cases are completely asymptomatic, the total fatality rate for the coronavirus is now believed to be 0.26%.

That still makes the current coronavirus pandemic twice as lethal as the seasonal flu, which kills about 60,000 people in the US every year.

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  1. Coronavirus death is “twice as deadly as flu” because it INCLUDES the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, car accidents and every single illnesses and pain. Coronavirus death is “twice as deadly as flu” because of all deliberate murders by doctors and nurses in hospitals like no other year or ever.

  2. So is the guy who said it’s 10 times more lethal than the flu coming back in front of congress to take the heat for scaring everyone into lockdown?? Or is it gonna be like the weatherman? What a joke

      • “2020 Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36%”

        “2018 CDC Study: Flu shots increase risk of non-flu acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) in children.”

        “2011 Australian Study: Flu shot doubled risk of non-influenza viral infections and increased the risk of virus-associated acute respiratory illness, including influenza, by 73%.”

        “2012 Hong Kong Study: Flu shots increased the risk of non-flu respiratory infections 4.4 times and including influenza, tripled the overall viral ARI risk.”

        “2017 Study: Vaccinated children are 5.9 more likely to suffer pneumonia, 3.8 times greater risk of ear infections, and 30.1 times more likely to have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis than unvaccinated children.” (“30 times” !!!)

        “2014 Study: Influenza-vaccinated children were 1.6 times more likely than unvaccinated children to have a non-influenza “Influenza-like-illness” (ILI).”

        Google them if you don’t believe me.

  3. So, this virus is still twice as deadly as the flu. However, for the flu there is already a vaccine. Not yet for Covid 19. Just be careful.

  4. And don’t try to tell me that they didn’t yet know that so many people can be a symptomatic because that was the whole basis of the lockdown. You may have it without even knowing it. So this boils down to a huge manipulation of numbers. Trouble is I said this from the beginning. One big hunk of baloney this whole thing. And the biggest disgrace is that the Jews the smartest people in the world fell for it. And you know why that happened?? Because we had doctors and Baal habatim making decisions and forcing their opinions on the rabbonim. If this decision was made properly by the gedolim according to the Torah we never would’ve made such mistakes. Torah is never wrong. Science on the other hand is always wrong


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