CDC Recommends Americans Wear Masks


President Donald Trump said on Friday that the government recommends that Americans wear masks outside to protect against coronavirus.

In a daily briefing with reporters, Trump stressed that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not advise the use of medical grade masks which should be reserved for health care workers.

The President added that the recommendation is an additional voluntary measure. Healso noted that the new recommendation should not be seen as replacing previously recommended social distancing measures.

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  1. I tried wearing those masks when I went out shopping but then stopped because they kept fogging up my glasses and was also causing me to gag.

    • You are absolutely right, especially if you are not used to them. They should not be fogging up your glasses though: did you check that the mask was correctly fit? You should look for videos in the website or youtube of reputable makers e.g. 3M, Drager
      In warmer weather they will be even more unpleasant. But they do make a huge difference.

    • If they are fogging up glasses, that means there is a space and they are not preventing viral contamination from getting in through there. You need to eliminate any gaps to prevent you from contracting the virus. For stopping spread if you are a carrier, even with an air space they should be better than nothing and prevent most larger respiratory droplets from spreading.

  2. A relative who did a lot of research on Corona told me the following:
    It is VERY important to monitor the oxygen levels of any person ill with Corona on a regular basis (especially if they have been ill for a few days). EVEN if they are not showing any difficulty breathing. This can easily be done with a pulse-ox which can be obtained at pharmacies, gmachs, bikur cholim. Catching and treating low oxygen levels is imperative to prevent the situation from becoming critical ch’v! (Corona typically begins with fever, lethargy etc. but at a certain point often begins affecting the lungs – even if the person doesn’t feel what is happening to their lungs. This is why it is EXTREMELY important to monitor their oxygen levels)

    • There were articles about how oximeters are useless and should be reserved for those that need them, just like there were articles how masks are useless and should be reserved for healthcare workers and patients that need them.

      In general, if you see enough articles saying that something is useless, it usually means they’re important enough that the government doesn’t want you to use them. In other words, they’re very useful.

  3. I wore a long time. When I stopped I caught. I believe in masks after I see too many young on respirators and respirator shortage. I think mask and glove and change frequently is worth it. The current delay in taharas hamishpocha is enough a reason for EVERYONE TO WEAR

    • My brother who is a volunteer with United Hatzalah says do a few fingers to see if it’s working correctly. It’s an average usually. Basically do it a few times in a row.

      If it’s under 94-not too good. Under 90- you NEED o2.

  4. Anonymous, If oxygen is less than 88% call Hatzalah or somehow get patient to a medical center where he can get oxygen and medical attention.

    Miriam, glasses are no excuse not to wear a face mask as the numbers of those getting sick increase by alarming rates daily.
    I wear glasses, and i find that after a while the fog goes away. That initial fog is annoying, but worth it to prevent getting (or giving) the disease. Try to minimize the opening on top of the mask. You can lift the mask higher on your nose and put your glasses over it. The hot air from your breath is rising and fogging the glasses. Minimizing that space will minimize the fog, as anonymous has said. Or use contact lenses.
    Stay safe and stay healthy.


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