Celebrations in Gaza as Animalistic Prisoners Return to Heroes’ Welcome

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terrorists-return-home[Video and photos below.] To cheers from a large crowd, the first group of Palestinian prisoners – terrorists, murderers and other barely human creatures –¬†arrived in Gaza City this morning following the¬†massive swap with Israel for Gilad Shalit.

See below for photos:

Click below for video:

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Today we will see jubilant palestinians dancing and celebrating with these murderers. The best PR Israel can do is to take these pictures and place them next to the pictures of the carnage they caused. The entire world should see how Hamas / Palestinians celebrate with these savages. The world should especially see the picture of the murderer showing everyone his bloody hands of the soldier he killed and a picture how is welcomed back.

  2. “and other barely human creatures,” indeed!

    Yemach shemo vezichro – May Hakodesh Boruch Hu avenge the spilt blood of his servants!

  3. When we see those monsters wearing full facial masks, it is clear to me that their faces do not deserve the light of day.

  4. Compare how healthy these killers look in comparison to the malnourished Shalit. Israel has taken good care of them. Disgusting.

  5. No thanks to the video above. I’ll stick to the Arutz Sheva photo spread where I can see the faces of loving Jewish fathers…


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