Census: 20 Percent of American Families Short on Food

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Americans’ fear of not getting enough to eat is rising, according to the Census Bureau’s weekly surveys.

One-fifth of families with kids say they could not afford enough food to feed them, a 3-point rise from 17% in June, according to the July Census, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Also, 12.1% of adults lived in homes without enough food to eat at some point during the previous week of the Census.

Since then, the $600 unemployment stimulus payment has expired and Congress has been unable to pass a new coronavirus stimulus bill to extend it. President Donald Trump has extended the payment of $400 per week by executive order, but put some of the cost burden on the states which Democrats vehemently oppose. The executive order has yet to deliver payments.

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  1. People are lying. People I know who are on food stamps tell me they get more food than they know what do with. Add to that these Corona food packages which are filling up my freezer and it becomes very difficult to understand how anyone in the US in 2020 doesn’t have enough food.


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