Chabad Start-Up Unites Twenty Shluchim in First-Ever Giving Day



Today, twenty couples about to go on shlichus have joined together in a global giving day to raise the essential seed money to begin their new lives as the Rebbe’s shluchim.

In partnership with the Meromim Foundation the campaign has set a goal of $300,000. For the next 30 hours, all donations will be doubled.

Donors have the option to support a collective Chabad Start-Up fund or sponsor individual friends or family.

“My wife and I have just been given the wonderful opportunity to go shlichus to the northern suburbs of Albany”, said Rabbi Motti Rubin. “This campaign will give us the initial seed money to set up and fully launch our Chabad House.”

“We are so happy to finally be able to fulfill our dream of going on shlichus,” shared Rabbi Avremy Slavatisky “And now with this campaign we can really begin strong, devoting all our efforts to spreading Yiddishkeit rather than worrying about fundraising.”

To support a new shliach’s mission today, please join Chabad Start-Up at


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