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Rayze.It Campaign in Lieu of Annual Dinner for America’s Largest Mosad Hachinuch

The Lakewood Cheder. Bais Faiga Girls School.

Household names. World-class institutions.

The Lakewood Cheder/Bais Faiga, in fact, is a one-of-a-kind chinuch empire. There’s no institution like it on the continent – perhaps the world – neither in size nor in educational excellence. 

The rabbeim and teachers are the cream of the crop, the most talented pedagogues and mechanchim anywhere.

The school’s facilities are state-of-the-art and cutting edge, providing an unparalleled chinuch experience for the thousands of children who attend The Lakewood Cheder/Bais Faiga each day. 

Despite the size and sheer numbers of students of this outstanding mosad, there is a personal, homey feel that pervades the halls and classrooms of the school. Dedicated principals and expert staff ensure that every child at The Lakewood Cheder/Bais Faiga receives the attention and care needed to bring out his or her fullest potential. 

Not that anyone needed additional affirmation of the inspiring dedication of the mechanchim and mechanchos of The Cheder/Bais Faiga, but the last few months highlighted and magnified just how incredible they truly are. During this unprecedented time, virtually every Cheder and Bais Faiga rebbi, morah and teacher went into high gear, accomplishing what some said was impossible, upholding the chinuch of students throughout the months-long lockdown. With creativity, warmth and positivity, the cheder’s classes operated via telephone conference or outdoor learning. Bais Faiga’s devoted moros and teachers stepped up to the plate and gave it their all to ensure that thousands of students maintained the vital connection to their school and continued being educated.

These heroic rabbeim and teachers even made home visits, where necessary and safe, working with parents to keep the needs of the children front and center.

In truth, this came as no surprise to those who know these indefatigable and superhuman rabbeim and moros, remarkable people who devote their hearts and souls to their students.

They are the heroes of 2020.

In a regular year, The Cheder/Bais Faiga would hold its annual dinner at this time, giving parents, grandparents, alumni and admirers the much-anticipated opportunity to express their thanks and admiration to these champions of chinuch. 

Now, in lieu of the dinner, a Rayze.It campaign is being launched to give one and all the opportunity to support The Cheder/Bais Faiga as a tribute to the guardians of chinuch, the selfless men and women of the classroom who stop at nothing to bring out the best in their beloved talmidim and talmidos. 

The support of the wider community is vital to ensure that The Cheder/Bais Faiga can continue providing the stellar chinuch that has made it the leader of chinuch in North America, a model of education that is emulated across the region and beyond. 

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate true champions of chinuch while having a part in the chinuch of thousands of Yiddishe kinder. 

This is an extraordinary opportunity that you must not pass up. 

Like the educators who never wavered and stepped up when needed in every way possible, step up and do your part to ensure the continuance of chinuch b’derech Yisroel saba.

Let’s Show Hakaras Hatov Together.



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