Charedi City Bans Residents From Owning Dogs

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More than a dozen rabbis from the city of Elad near Tel Aviv issued an edict declaring all dogs bad and warning residents that keeping them will make them accursed.

The edict, dated to June 14, contains the signatures of all the Sephardic rabbis in Elad and the city’s chief rabbi, Mordechai Malka, the news site Bhol reported Friday. Most of Elad’s approximately 46,000 residents are charedi.

“We have heard and have seen that lately, a serious phenomenon has spread in our city Elad, in which young boys and children walk around publicly with dogs. This is strictly forbidden, as explained in the Gemara and by the Rambam, anyone raising a dog is accursed and especially in our city where many women and children are afraid of dogs,” the anti-canine edict states.

The rabbi of neighboring Holon, Avraham Yosef, is quoted as writing: “I do not find any grounds for permitting any dog whatsoever in any manner.”

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  1. I heard that curse means someone who raises the dog in his house/- but if he has a yard that the dog lives in then the curse doesn’t apply.
    Just a side point, hat happens if someone is blind and needs a seeing eye dog?

  2. I have never heard that it’s assur to own a dog. Does this ruling include service dogs too? Service dogs save lives. If this ruling includes service dogs then it’s unfair to those in our community who are blind, autistic, epileptic or diabetic, etc. Then there are the dogs trained in search and rescue as well as bomb and drug sniffing dogs. Are they assur too?

  3. To address all your interesting concerns,you have the wrong perception on Judaism. Our rabbis tell us that yiddishkeit is not “black and white”, but on the contrary it’s vibrantly colorful. Therefor it does depend on the situation but in general under any “normal” circumstance,the Torah commands us to stay far away from shepherding dogs, in your vicinity(house,yard,field,property!).

  4. no need to assume such nonsense. of course service dogs for blind people and similar will be allowed.
    these are not the dogs that are causing problems.
    the kids who have untrained dogs who bark and snap at people, scaring women and children are the problem.
    service dogs are not barking and are not scaring people.

  5. The Gemara says in shabbos that only a “bad” dog is assur. Meaning if the dog was trained to attack people or was wild. If the dog is domesticated and friendly, it is not assur. The Gemara wouldn’t use the word “bad” if it meant to include all dogs are bad.

  6. Elad is a chareidi city. Is this the level chareidim have degraded to? They’ll soon come out saying it’s all conspiracy, just like there’s no Gezeirus Giyus, there’s no Gezeirus Kelev.

    • As long as you wear a white shirt 24/7 and hat & jacket even in the pouring rain. Only then will you get a good shidduch and be matzliach in life.

      • You sound bitter. Did you throw your yiddishkeit away and now have a hard time finding a good shidduch, siyatta Dishmaya and hatzlacha? Can you blame anyone for not trusting a wishy-washy person?

  7. I think falsifying the Torah is much worse and surely brings about a bigger curse than having a dog (who isn’t a “bad dog” like the Gemara says). Think about it – if every dog is bad why then does it say “bad dog”???

  8. When you ask 10 Rabbonim you get 15 opinions, all different. One Rav’s wife is afraid of dogs so he bans all dogs. Strange. Maybe he can ban squirrels, cats, mice, rats, cockroaches and all other things that his wife doesn’t like.


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