Charedim To Join IDF As Paramedics

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idf-soldier1Students of the Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva in the central city of Modiin are about to join the Israel Defense Forces as paramedics, in a unique program which will be longer than yeshiva students’ regular military service.

So far, the 11-month paramedic course has not been offered to yeshiva students, whose total military service amounts to 16 months. As part of the new program, the Meir Harel students will serve an extra year, or total of 28 months.

The new program is intended for students who have volunteered in the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency organization and is held in cooperation with the hesder yeshiva, MDA, the IDF Personnel Directorate and the Medical Corps.

After their military service and during their yeshiva studies, students will have to report for an MDA shift once a week.

The students will serve in the army and then return to the yeshiva and serve as a sort of reserve force for the IDF and MDA.

“There is a shortage of dozens of paramedics in the MDA and IDF,” explains Eli Yaffe, MDA’s volunteer activity coordinator. “Thanks to the student of this yeshiva, we will receive a significant addition which will be located in Modiin, ready to be called up to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Ben-Gurion Airport. It’s an exceptional reserve force.”

“A paramedic’s job is saving lives. It’s as simple as that,” says Rabbi Colonel (Res.) Eliezer Chaim Shenwald, head of the Meir Harel Hesder Yeshiva. “The IDF is in critical need of dozens of paramedics in its combat and commando units, and the MDA is in need of dozens of paramedics for emergencies in the central district.”

“So far, serving in the IDF as a paramedic was not possible for those who wished to combine their military service with hesder yeshiva studies. The program will help preserve the youth’s professional knowledge and allow their integration into the MDA’s rescue system after their military service,” MDA Director-General Eli Bin says proudly.


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  1. There is somehthing that does not make sense to me. Hesder yeshivas are for the dati leumi, but the title says that the yeshiva is for chareidim. In any event, may Hashem bless them and protect them.

  2. Godol talmud torah yoser mehatzolas nefoshos
    that means that pure torah learning achieves more for klal yisroel and the world than saving lives
    that what chazal our teachers teaches us
    anyone who chooses to belive otherwise is choosing to believe something other than pure torah
    so a little less of the back slapping plz. This isnt a net benefit for our people, rather a loss.
    Our nation needs MORE pure torah learning not LESS

  3. The worst Aveirah of this generation is the lack of Kedusha.

    The list goes on and on everyone can compile their own list in order to become true Ovday Hashem and keep all of the Torah commandments BsSimcha.

  4. Yankle, you are 100% right. Our next step to achieve more for Klal Yisroel should be to close all the Hatzala and Zaka orginizations, since they only contribute to bittul Toirah


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