Chareidi Parties Urge Netanyahu, Gantz To Avoid ‘Madness’ Of Elections


As the battle over Israel’s next budget intensifies within the coalition, the heads of the ultra-Orthodox parties said Thursday they will not cooperate with “any initiative to advance the elections.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushing for a short-term three-month budget plan while Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz has maintained the budget should be biennial — as stipulated in the coalition agreement.

According to Israel’s Basic Laws, a newly-formed government has to pass a budget within 90 days of its establishment, which in this case would be August 25. If the government doesn’t pass a bill by then — parliament will disperse.

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  1. Why? There’s no leadership anyhow. Might as well have elections continuing until the coming of Moshiach bv”o.


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