Chareidi Passenger Forgives Rude Bus Driver

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A chareidi passenger victimized by the threats and insults of a Dan Company bus driver on the Petach Tikvah to Tel Aviv line told the company that he forgave the driver after learning that he was about to be fired.

“I am certain that we all have difficult moments of one sort or another in our lives and no one is immune to anger,” he wrote to the company. “I don’t know the driver and hope that this was a onetime occurrence, but in any case, I am certain that he has internalized the lesson.”

The bus company was moved by the gesture.

“Thanks to people like you, dear sir, we all have the right to exist and persist,” company spokesperson Eitan Piksman wrote him. “I am not a young man and have six grandchildren. My whole life has been devoted to giving, to loving others, to sacrifice, to compromises and so I raised my children and grandchildren. In the last decade, I feel that something not good is happening to us, especially in the relationship between man and his fellow… Thank you for returning faith in ourselves to me and to all of us. It will be a great privilege for me to accompany the driver when he comes to ask your forgiveness and shake your hand.”

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    • finally…
      i suggest that you look up the true meaning of kiddush Hashem
      you might be surprised at what you find
      clue: the haredi community in Eretz Yisrael is not as bad as you think (which is a subtle understatement probably wasted on the likes of similar matzav readers)

  1. Beautiful story of a maaymin who had basic menschlichkeit and created a major Kiddush Hashem. Kol hakavod. With all the poisonous hatred that the media/government is spewing against Chareidem, this is a pleasant breath of fresh air. At the end of the day, MI Ki’amcha Yisroel???

    • Excuse me, “Proud fellow Jew”, the media/government does not have to make up stories that portray Haredim in a negative light, because such news is real. For example:

      1. The anti-IDF protests in Meah Shearim conducted by the “Jerusalem Faction” of Haredim which cause traffic disruptions, agmus nefesh to residents, etc. and are costing Haredi merchants in the area large amounts of lost revenues.

      2. Last Friday, Erev Shabbos, the son of former-MK Rabbi Dov Lipman was almost lynched by Haredim as he attempted to purchase a Sefer in Meah Shearim while in his IDF uniform.

      3. Aryeh Deri, the Haredi Interior Minister, who already has served prison time for official corruption, is once again under investigation for wrong-doings.

      4. Deri again: In his role as Interior Minister, Deri is refusing o extradite Mrs. Malka Leifer, a resident of the Haredi community of Emmanuel, to be extradited to Australia to face more than 40 counts of sexual abuse of children.

      5. Earlier this week, Knesset member Gafni of the United Torah Judaism party stated that ” . . . the Palestinians were here [in Eretz Yisrael] first. We [Jews] pushed them out of here.”

      I could present many, many more examples.

      Sorry, Mr. Proud fellow Jew, negative stories about Haredim in Eretz Yisrael are not made up. They are true.

      • You, my friend, are mamesh like the meraglim! You have an eyen rah. You look at everything with a negative eye. You are a complainer. However you can see people in a bad light, you do. What an evil person. It’s no wonder you’re still single and no one wants to marry you.

        • Haredim attempt to kill a frum Jewish soldier in Yerushalayim and you call me a “complainer”?

          You sound like an uneducated person. That is why probably no one wants to sit next to you in the shteeble where you daven.

          • The dark clouds of sin have enveloped you. Your hatred of god is palatable. Get help before the final judgment.
            Not fun

        • My “hatred of god” ????

          I live in Yerushalayim, 2 miles from the Har HaBayis. And I serve in the IDF, enjoying the mitzvah of guarding Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael almost every day.

          You are a diasporian; residing in the golus; living in your fantasy world of “rabbonus” and “yichus”. While, in fact, you have become the “laughing stock” of your friends and neighbors.


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