Cheder Boys to Lead Eidah March in Geulah Against Mandatory Draft

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yerushalayim-boysHundreds of young cheder boys in Yerushalayim will be participating in a march to be held tomorrow in the Geulah neighborhood to protest the effort by the Israeli government to draft yeshiva bochurim into the IDF

The event, arranged by the Eida Hachareidis, will feature the saying of Tehillim and divrei hisorerus from rabbonim.

The Eidah, following criticism for involving children in the protest, issued a statement saying that the matter of being drafted into the IDF “is truly a harsh gezeirah for the entire Torah world, and in this case only the tefillos of tinokos shel bais ribbon can help.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. tefillos of tinokos shel bais rabban – YES

    hafganos (demonstrations) of tinokos shel bais rabban – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. #1 – yes, by them being present and feeling the enormity of the danger, their teffilos will go out with a complete and broken heart.

    #2 – a decree upon learning Torah affects us all!!

  3. Ynet’s live coverage two hours ago was the best. If you wanted to brush up your Yiddish it was worth watching. Mea Shearim was full of life and dynamism today. Things were by and large peaceful, bizrat hashem. Foreign media may have a field day with the kids in handcuffs pictures however.


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