Chicago Police Damaged Dash-Cams, Hid Mics

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According to government records, Chicago police allegedly hid microphones and damaged dashboard cameras on purpose.

This “intentional destruction” and “officer error” led to an absence of audio recording in about 80 percent of video footage, upward of 1,800 police maintenance logs show.

Notably, maintenance records for Jason Van Dyke’s squad car—the officer who shot and killed teen Laquan McDonald—show lengthy delays for dash-cam repairs. In at least one case, that maintenance was required because of “intentional damage.” Read more at DNAinfo.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The buck stops with the Mayor. Emanuel has got to go! Where is the outcry of the black community that has suffered unjustly under that tyrant?

  2. Can’t have a civilized society with legal double standards. A non cop would have been charged with destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, etc. These cops will not be charged for this blatant series of crimes. All laws that treat cops as a privileged class should be overturned. Perhaps there should be a directly elected special prosecutor whose only job would be prosecuting government officials and cops.


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