Chief Rabbi Metzger Visits Miami Yeshiva

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metzgerIsrael’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger paid a visit today to the Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College of Greater Miami. He was greeted by the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Leibel Schapiro. Rabbi Metzger met the staff of the Yeshiva and was invited to address the bochurim in the Zal learning hall.He spoke about the laws of the upcoming Pesach.

Rabbi Schapiro then presented him a book of commentaries on Torah and Chassidus written by the bochurim and the rabbis.

The Chief Rabbi also learned from Rabbi Shimon Trabelsi about his activities with the Israelis living in South Beach.

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  1. Is this “Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College of Greater Miami” a new place and a chabadsker one? How many bochurim do they have.

    There are two very successful Yeshivas in Miami. Rabbi Zweigs yeshiva and the Chofetz Chaim branch Toras Chaim. There is a successful yeshiva for learning and emotionally challenged bochurim as well, called yeshivas Doresh

  2. Can anyone explain what the significance, if any, there is to (what appears to be) the upside-down menorah on the back of the bimah in the pictures?flips up?)

  3. This is the first yeshiva im Miami Beach – it predates Rabbi Zweig and Chofetz Chaim. It opened it’s doors in 1972. It is a small yeshiva – with about 40 talmidim in Beis Medrash. Rabbi L Schapiro is a GOAN in Torah and he produced many of the original Daf Yomi Tapes in English

  4. The Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Miami has been around for awhile and The Rosh Yeshiva is Rav Leibel Schapiro who also gives daf Yomi shiurim to the community in Miami and is a tremendous Talmid Chochom.

  5. to #1- this chabad yeshiva has been around since the 1970’s as per the Rebbe’s blessing and instruction.

    to #3- jealous much?

    leibel schapiro is a tremendous talmid chochom and yarei shamayim as well as real chosid of the rebbe. he is also the rov of a shul in miami beach and on the vaad rabanei lubavitch of america.

  6. Yes, Lubavitch was there first (Alton Road).Rabbi Schapiro is a very Chashuva Yid. We used to play flag football against them in Flamingo Park across the street. Rabbi Shmuly Boteach is amongst their graduates.


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