CHILLING: Senate Unveils Video of Chemical Attack

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syria[Warning: Graphic] The Senate Intelligence Committee today released 13 minutes of video depicting the gas attacks allegedly taken out by the Syrian government on August 21.

The disturbing video, which shows victims convulsing and foaming at the mouth, was released amid U.S. efforts to convince both allies and members of Congress to intervene with an airstrike in Syria.

On Shabbos, Secretary of State John Kerry urged allies not to be “silent spectators to this slaughter.” Now with the video readily available, that notion may hit home.

The 13 videos compiled by the U.S. Open Source Center from videos taken in Damascus following the use of chemical weapons on August 21.

Warning: These videos contain disturbing images of dead bodies, including children. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Each of these 13 videos explicitly claim to show victims of a chemical or poison gas attack. At the request of Chairman Feinstein, these videos were selected by the Open Source Center to depict a representative range of YouTube content posted regarding the reported 21 August chemical weapons (CW) attacks in the suburbs of Damascus. All of the videos were posted on YouTube by pro-Syrian opposition users. With one exception, all 13 videos were posted by a pro-opposition Internet news channel that consistently posts user-created videos concerning the Syrian conflict.

These videos were shown to the Intelligence Committee on Thursday, September 5.


Click here to watch.

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  1. How does the Senate know the authenticity of these videos and they weren’t staged? We have seen dozens of staged videos in Israel of supposed “victims” of “Israeli aggression” which proved to be theater and staged by the Palestinians.

  2. The evidence seems clear that a chemical substance caused these deaths. However is there any proof which side was responsible for it?

    Why blame Assad, when the rebels could very well have done this atrocity.

  3. If people want to see it they can search for it themselves.
    Also please update that “you will see videos of dead AND DYING children”

  4. Inappropriate for us to view…definitely not something that a Frum website should be showing; & the graphics?! WHY, how does this affect us Yidden.


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