Chillul Shabbos Transport In Rosh Ha’ayin

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The “Shabus” cooperative which provides public transport on Shabbos in Yerushalayim and Ma’aleh Adumim began operations in the central Israeli city of Rosh Ha’ayin which was once famous for its predominantly Yemenite population. Shabus announced its intention to begin transporting people from Tzur Hadassah to central Yerushalayim next Shabbos. Shabus avoids violation of the Shabbos status quo by having passengers technically join a cooperative instead of paying fares.

Yerushalayim’s Sefardi Eida Hachareidit decried the new development, saying in a statement, “We are brokenhearted at the outcry of the residents of Rosh Ha’ayin regarding… the desecration of Shabbos which equals all the mitzvos of the Torah by the operating of public transport on Shabbos. Yerushalayim was only destroyed because its residents desecrated Shabbos.”

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  1. are the “frum” MKs doing anything about this?
    Last week there was a big tefillah-protest organized by the Eidah Hareidis in Yerushalayim re: chillul Shabbos. Matzav didn’t bother to cover it, and I didn’t find coverage anywhere else either.
    The “frum” members of the Yerushalayim town council are not doing anything to help.
    The Eidah protests, organizes weekly protests in the center of town, and then people yell, “Chillul Hashem!”
    Chillul Hashem is letting all this happen without raising a voice in protest. Let the chilonim think we are fanatics! Yes, we are fanatics, we are fanatics for Hashem and His kavod. They are fanatics for their ta’avos.
    At least those who protest are showing they care, they are going out from their comfortable homes in the heat of the day (it was about 35 degrees and humid this past Shabbos) and crying out for what is happening to our holy city.

  2. Last week the Eidah Hareidis organized a kennes tefillah on the issue of chillul Shabbos. For some reason, Matzav (and all other news sites I looked at) didn’t cover it.
    Every Shabbos the Eidah organizes protests against the growing chillul Shabbos. The “frum” members of the Yerushalayim iriyah are doing nothing about it.
    This past Shabbos it was about 35 degrees and humid, but tens of yungeleit and bachurim went out to protest as they do every week.
    Some ignorant people think this is, chas v’shalom, a chillul Hashem, to shout “Shabbos!” at those chilonim who brazenly desecrate Shabbos in our holy city.
    They think that a kiddush Hashem means when the chilonim think we are nice…
    Let them call us fanatics! Yes, we are fanatics for Hashem and His kavod.
    At least we are showing Hashem, and these brazen chilonim, that we care.


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