China Dumping So Much Raw Sewage Into Sea It Is Visible From Space

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Hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels illegally occupying the Philippines’ Spratly Islands are allegedly dumping vast amounts of human waste into the surrounding South China Sea causing an ecological “catastrophe” that threatens the health of local marine ecosystems and fishing stocks, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

“Swarms of Chinese vessels have dumped human waste and wastewater for years in a disputed area of the South China Sea, causing algae blooms that have damaged coral reefs and threatened fish in an unfolding catastrophe,” Liz Derr, the co-founder and CEO of Simularity Inc., told reporters on Monday.

Simularity Inc. is a software company that creates artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies for satellite imagery analysis. The U.S.-based company recently published satellite images of Spratly Reef that allegedly show how illegal Chinese fishing fleets “anchored in the Spratlys are dumping raw sewage onto the reefs they are occupying.”

Satellite imagery reviewed by Simularity Inc. indicates that “at least 236 ships were spotted in the atoll … on June 17 alone,” Derr told journalists at a Philippine online news forum discussing China’s illegal actions in the South China Sea on July 12.

“When the ships don’t move, the poop piles up,” Derr said, adding that monster algae blooms caused by the sewage are “so intense you can see [them] from space.”

“This is a catastrophe of epic proportions and we are close to the point of no return,” she warned.

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  1. Due to the West’s desire to obtain low cost goods, from socks to electronics, the Free World has created an absolute monster. China’s insatiable desire to rule is just as great as the capitalist countries’ desperation to be cheap.
    Now, China is both destructive and uncontainable.

  2. But yet, Uncle Joe won’t criticize China because President Trump did, and whatever President Trump did, Biden must do the opposite.


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