China Hits Back at Trump, Adding Tariffs to 106 More U.S. Items


Beijing has retaliated against the Trump administration’s plan to hit Chinese products with tariffs by announcing a long list of 106 U.S. products that will have duties hiked, including planes, cars, and soybeans.

Beijing’s penalties of 25 percent additional tariffs on U.S. goods equates to a trade value that matches the $50 billion targeted on Trump’s list—published Tuesday—according to China’s commerce and finance ministries. Chemicals, corn products, orange juice, whiskey, and beef are among other U.S. products that would be hit by the new tariffs.

Earlier, the Chinese government said it “strongly condemns and firmly opposes” Trump’s proposed tariffs, calling them “unilateralistic and protectionist.” China’s countermeasures will go into effect when the U.S. formally imposes its tariffs. Read more.



  1. If China will add tariffs to their products and it’ll become more expensive nobody will buy their stuff anymore. After all they do not sell first class stuff in the first place, so why go to China?


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